Tanya Caulfield (fare_lady) wrote in deravin_stills,
Tanya Caulfield

challenge #38 winners + some news

Here are the winners for challenge#38.

First place/depthoflight  /banner
Second place/mrsdeppackles  /banner
Third place/spg_spn_girls  /banner
Fourth place(tie)/coldfor /banner
Fourth place(tie)/spg_spn_girls  /banner

Best crop/mrsdeppackles  /banner
Best color/mrsdeppackles  /banner
Most creative/coldfor  /banner
Mod's choice/verou  /banner


Please read this announcement.
I decided to take a break in this community.
It's summer and I think that's why people not so interested in participating etc.
Plus I'll be busy for a few weeks ahead and I won't be able to post here.

I'll post the voting for challenge#39 and on Sunday we'll have our winners
and then we'll take a break.

I hope you'll understand and I hope to see you again
Because I really love this community.
Tags: challenge #38, mod post, winners
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Thank you for 3rd and 4th!

Actually I agree with you, summer takes us away from the computer, so a hiatus is a great idea :)
congrats! beautiful icons as always :)

hurray! I'm so glad you approved :D
Thank you for mc! Your banner is absolutly gorgeous!
And I'm sorry about your community! Hope you will come back after summer! Take care!
you're very welcome ;)
Ofcouse I'll be back! 100%! This community is my first icon challenge community and it's like a baby to me :D I can't leave it. I just thought that everyone needs some rest :)
Thank you so much for the lovely banner!
I agree that we need a little break every now and then *nods* but I'll definitely be here when it starts back up :)