Tanya Caulfield (fare_lady) wrote in deravin_stills,
Tanya Caulfield

challenge #39

Challenge#39! ;)

+ You must be a member of the community to enter
+ Animated icons are NOT allowed
+ Your icons must be new and made by yourself especially for this community
+ Do not post your icons elsewhere before the active challenge is over
+ Icons must fit the LJ standards: no bigger than 40 KB, 100x100, JPG GIF or PNG format
+ Post the icons in a comment in both IMG SRC(html link) and URL(direct link) form
+ Use only the pictures provided any picture from the mentioned event
+ You can reuse the pictures
+ All effects (text, blending, textures etc.) are allowed
+ Submit up to 4 icons

deadline: MONDAY JUNE 21st ~07:00 PM GMT

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and <br />video hosting by TinyPic
Tags: challenge #39
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